It’s finally possible! Now, through modern technology, surgeons can assist each other virtually, with no geographic barriers. Expert surgeons can now be virtually present and “telementor” in the operating room offering advice on tricky or unusual cases. Surgeons at Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, in Denver Colorado, and the UNN hospital in Tromsø, Norway, have been leading the way in this new technology. There are still things to be worked out before this is common practice. For example, medical legal liability. Are the expert surgeons liable if something goes wrong? If so, this may discourage experts from being willing to offer their advice and assistance. Also, will hospitals be willing to allow their surgeons to take time away from their practice to help other surgeons in remote locations? Also, the cost of the technology may be difficult for some hospitals to afford. However, newer technology may be more cost-effective.