Our newest podcast with Dr. Marc Levitt is now available.  This is a continuation of our previous podcast on Hirschsprung disease that focuses on the evaluation and management of post-pull-through complications.

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Table of contents:
04:12 – Evaluation of post-pull-through problems
08:08 – Post-pull-through enterocolitis
12:49 – Contrast enema
15:39 – Exam under anesthesia
17:26 – Repeat biopsy
19:19 – Redo transanal dissection
20:13 – Persistent cuff
21:45 – Myectomy
23:43 – BoTox
27:46 – Twisted bowel
29:40 – Duhamel complications
32:35 – Evaluation for persistent soiling
42:20 – Surgical treatment for soiling