Our newest podcast was released today!  Join Dr. Shawn St. Peter and Dr. Todd Ponsky as they discuss the contemporary diagnosis and management of Empyema.


Dr. Shawn St. Peter and Dr. Todd Ponsky discuss contemporary diagnosis and management of empyema

Table of contents:
02:37 – Evaluation of patient with pleural effusion
07:26 – Treatment algorithm for empyema
11:23 – Duration of antibiotic therapy
14:51 – Imaging for empyema
16:03 – Fibrinolysis
23:15 – Post-procedure chest x-ray
23:45 – Determining failure of therapy
26:44 – Pulmonary necrosis
31:57 – Pulmonary abscess
33:44 – Resection for pulmonary necrosis?
34:26 – Agents for fibrinolysis

And if you missed your opportunity to Stay Current on Hirschsprung’s Disease Part 2 with Dr. Marc Levitt last month, the information and links are listed below to help you access it easier.

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Last Month’s Podcast: Hirschsprung Disease Part 2 

Continuation of our previous podcast on Hirschsprung disease with Dr Marc Levitt that focuses on the evaluation and management of post-pull-through complications.

Table of contents:
04:12 – Evaluation of post-pull-through problems
08:08 – Post-pull-through enterocolitis
12:49 – Contrast enema
15:39 – Exam under anesthesia
17:26 – Repeat biopsy
19:19 – Redo transanal dissection
20:13 – Persistent cuff
21:45 – Myectomy
23:43 – BoTox
27:46 – Twisted bowel
29:40 – Duhamel complications
32:35 – Evaluation for persistent soiling
42:20 – Surgical treatment for soiling

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