(photo credit: Disney)

Review of Inside Out by Dr. Todd Ponsky

I can’t stop thinking about this movie.  Disney is slowly becoming deeper in their messages to children through their movies.  Frozen taught about the importance of family and that blood is thicker than water.  Inside Out does not have a flashy soundtrack and may not necessarily be as popular among little children as Frozen, but the power of this movie is how subtly smart it is.  The deep message of this movie is that the key to getting through tough times may not always be to try to be happy but rather to be ok with being sad.  The writers were clearly advised well by child therapists and psychiatrists as the movie was very accurate and up to date with the modern teaching in this field. It was funny, cute, entertaining and even sad at times.  Im not sure how much my three daughters took away from this movie but it certainly opened up a great opportunity for us to talk about their feelings with a new twist that they may be able to more easily relate to. Congratulations Pixar!

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