Soon doctors might have new medical devices to play with in the OR at the Cleveland Clinic.

The Cleveland Clinic is partnering with Parker Hannifin Corporation, with hopes of developing over 100 different potential medical advancements, including medical devices. Innovation and technology VP of Parker Hannifin, Pete Buca, shared information on future products. A few of the products are, an optically clear endoscopic sheath, made to minimize the risk of infection during surgery. A Navis Torquer, which is used for cardiac intervention surgery, angioplasties or stenting.


Navis Torquer (photo credit:


Lastly, a with an attached camera, that allows surgeons to have a lower margin of error as they go into the Femoral artery and then can see the beating heart. There are many more ideas developing, but a challenge is that each product needs a business plan, and then the product needs to be manufactured.

Stay tuned, remarkable changes in surgery takes time.  Needless to say, any medical advancement would be a change in the right direction.

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