GlobalCastMD recently partnered with the Medtronic Spine Team at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis to educate physicians around A Unique Posterior Approach to SI Fusion: Easier Access. Better Visibility. Less Invasive.

Medtronic, in coordination with GlobalCastMD, brings experts and educators together virtually to discuss the latest innovation in SI Fusion surgery.  The surgeon panel will lead discussions and education on a unique posterior approach using the fully enabled Rialto™ SI Fusion system that’s compatible with Navigation, power and certain biologics. A global virtual audience and satellite viewing centers will be able to interact live via chat, encouraging discussion and debate.


Most SI fusion devices today are assisted by muscle/tissue retractors due to the transgluteal/lateral approach. Medtronic’s Rialto SI fusion procedure uses a posterior approach to the SI Joint, which has inherent benefits for surgeons and patients*.

Implant passes through less tissue and muscle during implantation.

Posterior access provides better visibility, especially when treating larger patients.

Fewer muscles are disrupted using our posterior approach.

The RIALTO™ SI Fusion System is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint disruptions and degenerative sacroiliitis. Autograft and/or allograft may be placed in conjunction with the RIALTO™ SI Fusion System.