We’ve paired up with ARS in the past…

…and created some amazing events! If you missed them, here’s a flashback from past ARS events. Click on the image below to see what you might have missed.

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And now we bring you the ARS Summer Sinus Symposium

Watch the 6th Annual ARS Summer Sinus Symposium from July 14-16.
You can watch the symposium live from your office or home. This is a superb meeting and for all general otolaryngologists who see patients with nasal and sinus disorders.

The Summer Sinus Symposium in Washington, DC promises to be an exciting, highly educational program that brings together interested otolaryngologists in one forum to discuss all aspects of rhinology and the impact these issues have on patient care in your practice. National leaders in rhinology will lead discussions of pertinent clinical issues that affect all otolaryngologists practicing rhinology.










Course faculty are the national leaders in rhinology and sinus surgery. Some course highlights are…

  • Watch live the experts dissect cadaver sinuses
  • Keynote address on the Past, Present and Future of Sinus Surgery
  • Discuss difficult situations we all encounter in sinus surgery and what to do when they happen
  • Developments in balloon dilitation
  • Pediatric sinusitis: current treatment algorithms
  • Demystifying the frontal sinus and frontal sinus surgery
  • Tackle the toughest sinus cases in the country
  • Update on rhinoplasty techniques
  • Maximizing practice efficiency
  • Understanding the nose and sleep apnea

More information: http://www.globalcastmd.com/shows/details/ars-summer-sinus-symposium